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Stealth stripped to the core with a minimalist inspired art style. The current version includes one tutorial level and two first levels with enemies and puzzles.

Looking forward to some feedback.

Keyboard/Mouse Controls:

1/2/3/4 or mouse-wheelchange your shape
F (near loot)pickup 
Left-Click / Right-Clickrotate left/right
Q (near enemy) temporarily disable enemy
SHIFTsprint (makes noise)
ESC (hold)exit game
R (when hit 3 times by enemy)reload level, spawn at checkpoint
R (hold)reload level

Gamepad Controls:

Left Stickmovement
Left-/Right Bumper | D-Padchange your shape
Right Face-Button (B on XBox) (ner loot)pickup
Right Stick left/rightrotate left/right
Left-/Right triggersprint (makes noise)
Start button (hold)exit game
Select button (hold)reload level

Known Issues:

  • the enemies are too fast, this is next on the agenda
  • player can clip through huge parts of the geometry if so inclined
  • the sound effects are ... not great


Download NowName your own price

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SchwarzerKreisLinux_2020-09-11.tar.gz 71 MB
SchwarzerKreisBuild_2021-04-13.zip 69 MB

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